// 99 Things I’ll Always Miss About You//

1. Your laugh, how musical it sounds
2. Your eyes the same green blue as mine
3. Your violin playing
4. You Lord of the Dancing
5. Your tripp pants
6. Your voice
7. Your clam nature
8. Your French accent when you cooked
9. The wink when you say goodbye
10. The way your hair was always in your eyes
11. Josh getting sedated laugh
12. The way you loved your wife
13. Your patience with me
14. Your singing to me
15. Your ease with people
16. Your ability to remain calm
17. Your scars
18. Your watchful eye on me
19. Your heart of gold
20. Your smile
21. Your help learning to never give up
22. Your middle name Roderick
23. Your ability to sing every Disney song ever
24. You hate of Blink 182 because Sum 41 was Canadian
25. Your words of wisdom
26. The day you died 12/27/2013
27. Your Age 27 
28. How the number 27 will never be the same
29. Your inspired attitude
30. Your tattoo, William Control Lyrics
31. How I knew you would trade your soul
32. The love I’ve always felt from you
33. Your curly black hair
34. Your Cologne, Armani Code
35. Your reading of Poe to me
36. Your listwning to my minor issues in life
37. Your advice
38. Your Yamaka
39. Your favorite foods Apple Strudel, Maccaroones,  and of course dumplings
40. The vineyard
41. Jennys smile when ever you walked in the room
42. Your arguments with Josh so funny
43. Candy Cane fights
44. Your love
45. Your dry wit
46. Guitar riffs, drum beats, and thr rhythm that you need
47. Slash > Cobain
48. Never walk away from love, fear, and hate
49. Wine tastings
50. The way you loved summer brezzes
51. Laying in the grass reading in the sun
52. Frosty October air
53. Your love of seasons
54. Sage words that inspired me to feel better
55. Your application for all living things
56. Your half smile
57. Moonlight Sonata
58. Your obsession with talking shit about Tom Cruise
59. Your love of Gucci Sunglasses
60. Your love of East Bummble Fuck
61. Your green rosary
62. Your understanding
63. Your wedding
64. Our song Tranquilize William Control
65. You listen when your heart skips a beat
66. Nap time
67. Your excitement for work
68. Heartbeat white noise machine
69. Dance off battles with Josh
70. Shane making you laugh so hard you couldn’t breathe
71. Teal and mint green
72. Your feiat
73. Your hair gel love
74. Keeping me out of trouble
75. Showing me how to forgive
76. Rolling Stones lover
77. My favorite necklace
78. Masquerade lover
79. Crazy Canadian
80. Warped Tour 1999
81. Good Omons
82. Your brilliant mind
83. Your tie collection
84. Your strong ass coffee
85. Your car accident my sophomore year
86. Your for real Leah face
87. How you died
88. How much you ment to me and I to you
89. The parts of you that were engraved in me
90. Your quick wit
91. Your unconditional love
92. Your hugs that I need now more then ever
93. The way you would look at me when I was being stupid and shake your head
94. Your simple salutions to everything
95. You love of chocolate
96. The cocoa that no one else can make
97. You are a rockstar and the world is your stage
98. Your love of listening to me sing
99. Your name Keith Roderick St. Germain


    AHS coven characters:

                Misty Day

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// Tumblr Accounts bein hacked//


Guys. Serious stuff here.

If you search up any of the following tags:


my little pony






You may find a post that says:

Check this out!


With a link below.

If you click on the link and log in, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TUMBLR.


Seriously, I’ve got confirmation.

If you could reblog this, perhaps we can stop this nonsense before it gets too bad.

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This Blog describes your life.


This Blog describes your life.


Melty Moon



Melty Moon


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Orlando Bloom gets me again

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i made a couple of Doctor-themed mugs as gifts for my best friends :)

*i am the queen of cheesy DIY, aha!*

I want them all

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this scene hit me hard


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